Friday, February 17, 2006

Antarctica Update

The Best Antarctica Fotos Ever!!

Well, Im back...

Antarctica was a very nice experience. Glad I did it

The Marco Polo is stopping over in Montevideo, Uraguay to resupply.

Will write a little bit more when I find an Internet Cafe that has air conditioning

Felt kinda good to be disconnected from the Internet for a while. I really wasnt up for paying 75 cents a minute to check my messages. I aint made out of money, folks

so here are a few pictures that will be explained a little bit later when I find a cool place to t ype out my journal entry.

laters - - - jp


Anonymous said...

Way to go brown beard!

JP, the elder

Sarah Huls said...

Yup, definately jealous still...Must be a VERY amazing trip! Am I too late to ask for a penguin?

Jenny said...

oh yeah. still jealous. Las Malvinas would be the best place to visit.

btw, how's the Spanish coming along? you should be a total pro now...hmm?