Friday, July 28, 2006

outta control...

holy smokes!
never really thought i would get this much pub from a trip. Check it out! The UNOmaha Home Page! Well, it really was on the it's tucked somewhere into the UNOmaha domain.
Anywho, my buddy Ryan Shank says that I am the only UNOmaha graduate praised for being a slacker and not getting a real job (whatever a real job actually is).
i gotta go on more of these trips!
Africa, here i come! India, Asia and Australia - you're next!

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Dan Perry said...

Wow man, you hit the big time. The article's gone now, but I did see it while it was up. I hope to hear from you from the road again soon. I hear you only need about $5000 for a year in India, so maybe it won't take too long.