Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Part 3a: annoy your friends with anonymous postcards from abroad

i dont know if the goal was to annoy or just to confuse. but i think it worked.

here's an email i received from my friend Paul. Paul is the guy who set me up with Joe's address.

I ran into Joe last night so I asked him if he had been getting any strange mail. He looked kind of surprised and said that he had. I didn't want to let him in on the secret, but I couldn't come up with a good reason for why I would know about it otherwise. He enjoyed it and said that it has been the topic of conversation with just about everyone he has talked to for the past three weeks. He was convinced that it was his aunt somehow trying to convince him to become a missionary in Morocco or Spain. Anyway, I'm glad your trip went well and thanks for the fun.

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Anonymous said...


My name is Joe. I'm the one you sent those post cards to last year. They were bizarre and awesome. Paul's comments are pretty accurate, it seemed to me you were trying to buddy up with me in order to get to me go to Spain to work for your mission.

During the weeks I was getting the post cards I was secretly planting plastic flowers in Paul's flower pot about once per week. Just for fun, I guess. So, when he told me he was involved with the letters, I told him I was the guy planting the plastic daisies at night. It was an interesting trade!