Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's a new year full of new opportunities!

Well, it's 2011 and a new year full of new opportunity. we are gonna see if i can get back into the whole blogging thing on the internet machine.

home improvement, biking, and gardening are the big todos this year. this whole house thing always keeps you busy. never a dull moment. especially when you have a little puppy roaming around and randomly chewing on things. so far Fenway has been well behaved. but that was after she chewed up our dining room table legs. badddd puppy.

as far as biking goes. rafal wanted me to do the Royal 162, but i think im just going to do the Almanzo 100 as a primer for the Dirty Kanza 200 and the Kansas 1/2 IM. Gravel beats you up a bit, but it's a great challenge and you dont have to worry about cars too much because nobody rides the roads we hit up. so fun to have the road to yourself! the other races on my list include Gravel Worlds and the Bacon Ride of course...But the grand daddy of them all is The 2011 Beach to Battleship Ironman challenge. it's gonna be tough, but will definitly be worth it.

Training has officially started...the toughest part of the training will be no booze.

no beer until I cross that finish line.

we'll see how that goes.

off to swim tomorrow morning.

i'll leave you with this.

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