Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stupid with Zeros On The End...

stupid with zeros...bent giant tcx 'cross bike
a while back i drove into the garage with my bike on top. at one mile an hour i was able to ruin my favorite 'cross bike.

as rd would say, 'doouude, there are two types of people in this world...those that drive their car into the garage with their bike on top and then there are those that lie about it."

as josh stampers would say, ruining a perfectly good bike, a bike that you really love to ride, is more effective than syrup of ipecac...

as i would say..."now that's stupid with zeros on the end."
but wait, this story has a happy ending...everybody likes a happy ending, dont they?

oh boy oh boy oh boy! spankin' new!
i talked with the folks at olympia cycle and was able to score a spankin new frame. all i need to do now is strip the old components and bolt them on the new frame.


now i just need to find the time to do it...

onward and upward

have a great weekend, folks

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