Sunday, July 31, 2005

Getting Gear for this Trip

big news, ladies and gentlemen...i purchased a one way ticket from Mexico City to Lima! Sweetness, it's no turning back now...That is unless i want to make a generous donation to the airline industry. I prefer not to do so and would much rather be on that flight.

lots of things have been happening since the last time i entered stuff on this blog. i finally got my backpack from an online dealer that sold me the pack for less than what it would cost me at the local store. The Slumberjack Latitude +20degree bag will serve me well on this trip as a means warmth and confort when the hostel sheets get a little shady. My Keen sandals came in earlier this week which was pretty cool because im running out of time to prepare and should prolly discontinue ordering things off the internet because they might get here after i am gone.

it's really early in the morning and i got stuff to do...catch yall on the flip side


So...I am getting headaches trying to figure out how much stuff i am going to bring. One thing that I gotta do better at is focus on getting one thing at a time. Too many times I catch myself looking into one thing and that will remind me of doing something else. This is not too productive when there is lots to get done.

Yesterday was a busy day. I purchased a few pairs of Capilene socks for my hiking boots and today I am still debating whether or not to purchase my backpack from ebay or from a local distributor.

oh well...more to come

and there is more to come...BIG NEWS!yesterday i purchased my ticket! Sweetness! I saved myself some sweet moulah by using the Student Identity Card from STA Travel. This little card cost only 20 bones and it has already saved me 300 dollars on air travel. Thank you STA Travel!!!

Things are coming along alright i guess...My brother, Jonathan, said that he might come along on the trip for about 11 days. That will be pretty cool if we meet in Buenos Aires, Argentina for Christmas and New Year's. Being gone for a few months could be kinda hard on me, so seeing someone from the fam would be cool. Plus, if things work out alright, we might even get to take a tour of the John Deere factory in Rosario, Argentina.

im excited.

i still need to develop my website that will store all my photos so people can see all the cool and interesting places I plan on going. THis site will be pretty basic that will give the lowdown on where i am at and what i am up to. Ill prolly use the blog as an easy form to communicate to all the folks who wanna know where I am at.

A question...Will my home still be considered home when I return from my trip? Itll be kinda weird to leave for a long time and then return. Should be interesting.

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