Tuesday, September 06, 2005

big day is coming up

ohhh boy...the day is coming up and I think i am ready. Yesterday was kinda a shock because my parents gave me the news: "James, you have two weeks to move out when you get back!" Holy Smokers! That day is coming up, too.

So i spent the weekend sorting and tossing away stuff so it's not such a headache when i come back. now my entire room is filled with apple boxes of school work, clothes, and other things that will adorn my future home. i guess peter pan has gotta grow up one of these days...seven months plus two weeks and counting, ahhhh!

a coupla more things came in the mail today. it's the last of my online ebay purchases. my pacsafe paddle locks and xD memory cards showed up. joy!

ok...time for senior matias tacos! yeee haaa


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Seebass said...

Hope all is well. Way to go James. I am happy you are doing what you want. Talk to you soon.