Monday, September 12, 2005

greetings from cuernavaca...take two

ok, back.

as i was saying in my last entry the weather here is great. nobody in the city has air conditioning because the humidity is so low and the weather is around 75 or 80 in the afternoon year round. i only wish omaha had weather like this year round. this weather is much better for us big guys who sweat a lot and have a hard time cooling off.

things here in cuernavaca are a little bit different than they are in omaha. for example, streets. the streets here are not as block-like as they are in omaha, everything is laid out in confusing pattern circles and winding streets that wrap around buildings and gardens. ya gotta be careful cause some of these jokers htink that this is gran turismo and drive pretty darn very fast. there are not a lot of suvs here because space is so precious, almost all the cars here are nissan sentras, vw jettas or similar four cylinder cars. oh, and there are lots of motorcycles. money is saved through fuel efficiency. and rust. there is none. there are dirty cars here but there are no cars that have rust. cool.

power...ya gotta have power. many of the internet cafes here in cuernavca are vulnerable to blackouts or brownouts. i have already experienced the joy of typing an email and having the power flicker off for a coupla minutes and then resume. the computers in the cyber cafes are hit and miss. yesterday i was on a decent box that made email alright, today i am on a machine that uses windows 95 and a blazing intel pentium chip. i guess not everything can be as nice as PKI. The keyboards take some getting used to because there are alot more symbols than i am accustomed to.

the food so far has been great! i think some of the so called mexican restaurants in omaha should take a trip to cuernavaca and try some of mama vazquez's tomales and enchiladas. the food my host family makes really hits the spot. i have asked my host family to teach me how to make some of the great tomales. it will definitely take some time before i am as good a cook as my host mother. however, i hope to wow my host family with my apple crisp making abilities.

i have already made some friends on the street. i met two jugglers on the street that performed while the traffic light was red and asked them if i could juggle a bit. we exchanged the secret jugglers handshake and it was all cool. i brought my devil sticks with me and taught them how to stick a bit and then passed clubs with them. see how juggling can bring the world closer. im doing my part. solid.

when i find a computer that has usb ports on it i will include some photos in my blog. until then, i guess you will hafta use your imagination.

well, it is about that time to practice some spanish. the classes here are a mix of grammar and a mix of conversation. the biggest thing that i need to do right now is improve my vocab and verb conjugation abilities. after that i think i just need to practice practice and practice. guess i better find a mexican girlfriend to practice my spanish with. just to practice my spanish...

until next big game james


Jenny said...

Hey James,
Sounds like you are having a great time!! Omaha is, well, Omaha...nothing exciting. I'll be checking in on your trip, and glad to know you got there safe. I'll talk to you later.

rafal said...

i want to see some mullet pictures. for crying at loud, i hope your having fun

louisalexander02065556 said...
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Megan said...


Anonymous said...

Good call on looking for the Mexican girlfriend. As someone who lived in a foriegn country for two years, I found that avoiding other English speakers and living among locals works best.



Seebass said...


Sounds like you are having a blast. Take it easy, but not too easy.


Anonymous said...

King James,

Have fun and keep us all posted.

HSCB said...

Big dog, how is the scenery? In class right now. The integs will be in cf this we. What kind of motorcycles they got down there? 125cc, 250cc, 500cc? Rock on!