Monday, January 02, 2006

I am out of the loop...

I can't believe how much out of the loop I really am.

Being away from makes it pretty difficult to catch up on family, local, national, and world news. And there are some things that I am actually just learning about. Living at home made getting the news really easy because we always had the paper delivered and keeping up on things weren't too bad because we would read the paper, watch and listen to the news. Talkin with Ma and Pa kinda kept you in turn with what was goin on with the fam, but now since im not in the house i am out of the loop. I just learned that my dad got rid of my old car, Elwood. The car earned its name from an ex-ladytype because of the cars brief history as a police car - the name stuck around, the ladytype didnt. Lemme tell ya, that car had character, baby. Although it was a rolling birth control machine (no ladytype ever wanted to be near that thing) I still loved that car. Goodbye, Elwood.

The Jonster filled me in with some of the things that have occurred in the States since he has been down here. He told me that the govt bulldozed 50,000 houses down in New Orleans. Getting news is tough, but the Internet makes things a little easier. For example...I just learned a coupla days ago that Nick and Jessica just broke up. I know...rilly rilly sad, right. yea, right. I also just learned that Johnny Damon will be playing center field for the Yankees next year. I was more surprised to hear about that then Nick and Jessica.

Traveling versus being in Otown has been a weird balance. On one hand Im missing out on some pretty cool big name concerts that are finally coming to town versus trekking in a place where Ill prolly be only once. But I think I just might get to see the Rolling Stones when they give a free concert in Rio in Brazil. Gotta goto that.

Its getting late and im blabbling.

my next entry will be about the adventure the Jonster and I had when we went to Iguazu Falls.



rafal said...

rummor mill,
Just to continue the rummor mill,
There is talk of prior tejada trade, pretty weird huh, trade good pitcher for another washedup steroid user. Oh well. I guess you know the way to the airport like back of your hand, i will see you friday morning.

Anonymous said...

James and Jon, Keep on truckin' gentlemen, or walkin' or public transportin' . I'll bet this is an incredible trip. I love the blog and enjoyed getting the postcard. It sounds like all is going well. When you get back to the big O I would love to have a beer and hear about the wild adventures. Take care and keep having fun.
from, Jerry K

Anonymous said...

When's your next update?

S, P, F A, S y E