Thursday, March 30, 2006

A note about Argentinian radio...and a bit of ranting

so after that last blog entry I thought I would write about something a that I enjoy about's a little note about my enjoyment of Argentine radio mixed in with a little ranting about Omaha radio.   
so listen up...
The music they play here in BA, it's great!  It is such a departure from the music that you get stuck listening to back in Omaha.  I cannot stand Omaha radio stations.  They say one thing and do another.  They promise music variety but then conform to the vanilla norm.  The music predictibility makes you wanna do the same thing to your radio that Michael Bolton, Samir, and Peter did to the printer in "Office Space." 
Back in Otown, all radio stations are so narrowcasted that it drives you nuts.  Here's how the narrowcasting works.  A bunch of guys with pants that match their suit jackets and who live in a bottle get together and say, "Well, let's play and play and play and play these 10 or 15 songs because that's what we think people like."  It's really not what is good nor what people really like.  Then all the radio stations turn around and say, "We promise our listeners the greatest music variety in Omaha."  However, they have never really delivered on the variety.  Listeners really do want music variety.  Even 89.7 The River which proclaimed to promote music variety a coupla years ago and actually did play some good music has now fallen into that same boorish groove of overplaying songs that are popular for one month and then never heard from again.  All the stations play the same two songs by DMB, Green Day, U2, etc, etc, ect. 
Fellas, c'mon, there are alot of good songs by these artists...U2 has more than two songs. 
Omaha FM radio is not bad...compared to something that is terrible.
That is why I have really come to enjoy Buenos Aires radio.  It is the real music variety that appeals to me.  The radio offers a little something for everybody.  In one hour you can hear a little bit of the 80s punk rock like The Clash, or other English rock music like Coldplay, The Verve, Rolling Stones, or Oasis.  Other artists include REM, Blur, Led Zeppelin, and Gorillaz.  Heck, they even played The Blues Brothers' Sweet Home Chicago after playing a double play from Bob Marley before mixing in some Shania Twain.    
Another great thing that I really enjoyed about radio down here is stations play lots of cuts from a single album.  Radio stations back home will play one or two songs from the entire album and forget all of the other songs.  This stinks because every album has got some great songs on it.  
Buenos Aires radio stations even play live versions of songs by great artists.  These are the versions that we never get to hear back in the States.  The idea of music down here is to play what is good, not to overplay it, and play live versions.  Live versions is where you get to really here what an artists is like.  REM or Rolling Stones, or even Jamiroquai have live performances and remixes that never make it onto the airwaves back home.  I was in BA when The Rolling Stones and U2 came into town.  What I couldn't believe was that the radio stations would actually broadcast the concert as well as broadcast the live tracks after the concert was over.  That would never happen back home. 
It's gonna be frustrating to come back home and hear these damn DJs claim how their music radio station is better than the next.  the truth is they are all cut from the same mold.  The same damn boring mold.  DJs in BA are not afraid to play any type of music and mix it up a little bit. 
So dear old DJs back in Omaha.  It is time to throw away that short play list and dig into some good music...use guidebooks and whatnot to help you out.  It is scary...but be original.   
Goto Sokol for a concert or two.  Play some of the artists that come to town before and after they come to play.  Be original.  There are some great artists that come through town that people would be interested to hear. 
At least there are some radio stations in BA that broadcast over the Internet, that will make the adjustment a little easier as I come back home. 
i now step down from my soapbox. 


rafal said...

Neat little packaged 3:23 minutes of overproduced piece of crap. Play me, TRL me, Video me. Whatever overexposure is good but not in moderation. I guess.
No patience of american people is kind of sad, and i'm being hipocritical about to some extend.

Anonymous said...

You hit on the secret in your final sentences: Internet radio. It's about all I listen to anymore when at home.

It's not just the lack of variety but the seemingly ever-increasing frequency and length of commercials trying to tell me "how white my shirts can be". The very sound a of commercial about drives me to distraction anymore.

When driving my car I've turned to CDs, UNO's classical station and NPR to get away from the double trouble of repetition and endless adverts.


Mariano said...

That's 'cause you didn't listen to Radio Lobo auuuuuuuuuuuuuu!