Saturday, April 01, 2006

Im Back Home!

ok, folks
just finished up my whirlwind South American Tour and i am now sleeping in my own bed tonight...
cant believe that the trip is already over and Im back in otown...
so much to many people to see...finally get to hang out with the fam and sleep in my own bed. 
wait a minute...what day is today?
April First you say? 
That's Right...APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!  T-Minus Nine Days!!!!


Anonymous said... had me going for a moment.

It was easy to believe 'cause I figured that B.S. James (Big Spender) had blown through all his dinero and thus had to wing it a bit early.

Howegver, today's the registration deadline for RAGBRAI and first day to submit backcountry reservations for Glacier National Park and that's no joke, fool.


Anonymous said...

Now why would u do that, just logged onto your blog after several weeks......:-( and am like Yayyy! he is back, should call ur parents to know how to contact you since they kicked u out already....or didn't they? Anyways, just thot I'd give a shout out....OUT!