Monday, December 12, 2005

im just sick and tired...


Today I am sick. The combination of being in a jeep in the Salar for 25 or 30 hours and then on a train for nine hours and then on a bus for another nine has finally caught up with me. So I thought I would post some of the things I write down in my journal when I get kinda bored on long bus rides.

The following is a list of things that I have noticed along my way in Boliva and Argentina.

  • Forrest Gump is still pretty darn good in Spanish.
  • VHS still has its advantages.
  • Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.
  • Don't be That Guy...
  • South American cabbies must think that gringos are the laziest people in the world and honk at us all the time. They honk at you when you least need them and are never around when you do.
  • I feel like crap in the morning if I don't get some food in me quickly.
  • Cow stomach does not count as food and should not be served as dinner.
  • The world is not your ashtray, don't throw your cigarette butts everywhere.
  • Women spectators at soccer games have some of the most vulgar mouths...You cannot believe what comes out of their mouths.
  • Minute Man Pizza in Uyuni, Boliva has got to be the best pizza I have had in South America.
  • Soccer players in South America are drama queens. Just suck it up and play, fellas.
  • Why don't Australians tip.
  • Are South American carnival workers looked at as differently as they are in the USA?
  • Always buy bus tickets from the bus stations, otherwise those jokers will rip you off with a smile and then ask for a tip.
  • Be nice to people you meet along the way because I guarantee that you will see them again.
  • Bolivian Time can mean anything. Ten minutes in Bolivian Time can mean two hours in American Time.
  • The mullet and unibrow are alive and well here in Argentina.
  • The girls in Argentina are pretty. Very Pretty
  • Argentina seems sooooo green after spending seven weeks in deserts.
  • The Punisher in Spanish is just as lame as it is in English. Same goes for Look Who's Talking, Too.
  • High School High should never have been dubbed into Spanish.
  • Being 25 is just like being 15...but with the means.
  • Glad to have gotten outta Bolivia before the elections later this week.
  • Work, pleasure, happiness are not linear.
  • American music is not censored here like it is back home.
  • My dream Jeopardy catagories would be:
    • Pitching Theory
    • Unicycling
    • The Internet
    • Pop Culture Trivia
    • Money Saving Methods
    • Expressions Baseball Players Use
    • I Gotta Put Up With This!

That is all i got for now...laters


Anonymous said...

'ey James!

Good call on getting out of Bolivia before the elections. Read today that the leading candidate calls himself "America's worst nighmare".

Austrailians go on 'walk-abouts' for up to two years at a time. That's why they don't tip. I recall those guys cutting corners every possible way when I lived in Europe. They are fun to party with, however.

Love the 'World's Most Dangerous Road' story.



Anonymous said...

You are sounding awfully philosophical.
Happy Birthday a few days early. I will be in Baton Rouge for the next several days and will not be able to send you anything on the real day. Hope you are feeling better by then. 26 -ooooooooh. Did you ever hear the story about waiting in the lobby of Mercy Hospital with a fidgeting 22 month old waiting for the baby to be born? And no diaper bag in sight. I got you the greatest Bday present, too bad you won't get it for 4 months. I will just send it to Omaha.
Thanks for the great postcards. They are all over the fridge.
Take care. Love, Shelley

Mariano said...

Come on man! You are getting to the best part of the trip!!! Salta and Jujuy are my favorites although coming from the north it could feel that's a little bit of the same. But it is NOT! There is plenty of (VIP) fiestas en las fincas now close to Navidad. ViƱedos en Cafayate, mucha musica y alegria en Tilcara. Let me know your way going south. I have a sister in Santiago del Estero in case you are travelling that way.

Good luck!

and Cheers

Anonymous said...

Love reading about your travels, keep it up, but in all honestly, Aussies don't tip because we don't do it at home. I went to the states for a bit and hated tipping, is it too much, too little, what's normal? I don't care if I have to tip, just included in the bill and show me a final figure!

rafal said...

If my life was a Jeopardy game my 7 caterories would be

==> Here's another story that doesn't go anywhere
==> Let's get a beer
==> You'll be fine
==> Internet with 2 T's
==> I'm nerd and I love it
==> Money is not everything
==> I'm looking for...
Nice Huh