Sunday, May 18, 2008

And Now...Barcelona

just got here and the hostel is pretty cool. more to come after a bit of rest

Just a few quick tidbits as internet time is a bit costly.

Below are some pictures from Park Guell and the Gaudi Gardens. Very impressive mosaic tiles. Also, is a picture of our tiny hostel room. Very little breathing room, but clean and cozy...right?

Some quick things I´ll write about when I get some more time is the visit to the Garden, my first Vegemite experience, and whatever else i feel about. also, more to come when i find a better keyboard...this one is a bear to type on. arg!


Anonymous said...

Isn't Barcelona the town with those weird mutant cathedral spires? Are you guys going to see a soccer game while over there?



rafal said...

all i want to know is who was on top?

of the bunk bed that is :D

Anonymous said...

Love those lemony-limey walls in the JW pic. Hostel dorm rooms now available in living Technicolor!

By the way, what's up with the TV remote in photo? I've been in a lot of closets doubling as hostel bunks and never seen a TV provided anywhere but a large Commons room.


Anonymous said...

Ke onda big dog!

Have you gone out partying yet? Or are you keeping it laid back doing the cafe scene?

While you were away the Rosenblatt made the WSJ, check it out, it mentions the recall! ...


JP the elder

Anonymous said...

What is the name of your hostel with the cramped room? The blue bed frame and table and hangers look very familiar . . .

The Unicycle Guy said...


Do i know you? What´s you email address and ill send you the hostel name...