Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Greetings from Abroad

Spain and Morocco are here! Wish you were beautiful
...wait..i always get those mixed up.

anyways. We have recovered from the long flights and are expecting lots of fun from these two countries. Today we are in Morocco and the sweet smell of diesel fuel exhaust smacks you in the face when you step on the streets.

Tangier is a departure from life in the US. Definitely different.

More to come a bit later.


wallsworldwide said...

Hey there James!

It's Mark Walls here (from the ES&S days) -

I stumbled upon your blog... and glad to see (or read) that you're still traveling.... that's awesome!

I'm living in Austin now... and getting ready for another adventure of my own.... I work for a company that does lots of work overseas.... So I'm lucky enough to be heading back to the middle east soon! ;)

Enjoy your travels - be safe - hope to see some good pics posted on your blog soon!!
(I'm going to try to get motivated to start a blog at some point)

Safe Travels!

Anonymous said...

Hey James and Jamie,

Hope you are enjoying your trip! We're looking forward to hearing stories and seeing some photos when you get back.

Jesse, Corrie, and Maddie

Anonymous said...

Most excellent! I'm looking forward to seeing some TP decorating the site soon!

TP = travel pix

I started bicycle commuting to work this week and am thinking I should have started doing this sooner.

Enjoy! We all want to hear some stories when you're done.


rafal said...

diffrent than u.s. you must be kidding get me non e.u cheap smokes and booze damm it