Monday, November 07, 2005

Around Arequipa

hey there, troops

well I just got back from Areaquipa today on a two day excursion to see Colca Canyon and the condors that hang around these high altitudes. I am feeling much better and my cold is history. Just in time to get back on a bus and head to Cusco. This time I think Ill be a little bit more prepared and bring more than just my rain jacket.

The four hour bus ride started in Arequipa at an altitude of (2,300 m) and peaked at a place called Pata Pampas (5,000 m) which means high flatland. At the Pata Pampas were rows and rows rocks stacked on top of rocks. Our guide told us that if you created a stack of rocks then a deam of yours would come true. Pretty interesting sight to see.

Ajax the LlamaOur tour had many different stops including one with a very friendly llama which I will call Ajax. Ajax was not the least bit shy and ate some Coca leaves right out of my hand. Good boy...

We arrived in Chivay (3,600 m) just in time for lunch and a hike through the mountains before heading to the thermal springs. The sign at the city claimed the hot springs were only 3km but 3k doesnt take over an hour to walk. oh well, it was worth it to soak our muscles in the warm 80 degree water for an hour. After the hot springs our group of 15 went to a restaurant to enjoy the sounds and views of some traditional Peruvian folk dancing. The music sounded very similar to the likes of my buddies band. Andres and Mariano are two guys from Argentina that played in a band called Surcos and performed traditional folk music from South America. The music sounded a little like home, i guess. But the highlight of the night (for me at least) was when one of our group members ordered cuy. Cuy is Spanish for Guinea Pig. The guy was eating my childhood pet. I am scarred for life.

ok...its getting late. im getting tired. ill try to finish this thrilling and adventurous story later.

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