Sunday, November 13, 2005

Greetings From Cusco...This is a little photo of a soccer match between the selections of Cusco vs Lima. Good times! These guys are pretty darm passionate about their soccer. Posted by Picasa

Tomorrow is a big day. BIG DAY! I start the 26 mile trek to Machu Picchu. Im in pretty good shape for the shape Im in...and that doesnt mean very much. Wish me luck!



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Anonymous said...


You da man!
Don't worry the Integ hasn't moved in 2 months, but it has started snowing here....
Just kiddin'
Anyway, glad your having fun, but do you think South America is big enough for the both of us???

JP, the elder

Anonymous said...

Hello Boss,

Things are working out for you well. Glad that you are enjoying your time out there as we definitely don't get to do that.. :-)

I am still trying to make close decision whether I will be Des MOines or gona move out.. but hopefully within next few weeks, we would get clearer picture.. So did you have a chance to expolore any South American Beauties;)...I hope you did.. otherwise I won't be ashamed to call you a L&*%$R...:-)

Take care bud.. keep us posted.. and travel safe...