Thursday, November 03, 2005

If I were Superman then buses would be my kryptonite

i am sick today.

Touring the Nasca lines yesterday kinda set me up for sickness that would follow later in the evening. The small plane that we used to tour the lines had just enough room for six people and was pretty agile. So agile in fact that all the steep turns to view the Nasca lines made me sweat bullets and made me sick to my stomach.

To make matters worse I decided to head from Nasca to Arequipa that night in a freezer. Just a quick eight hour bus ride. Make that a 10 hour bus ride through the winding canyons. The extra time was due to the fact that sand dunes were blowing across the highway near the ocean and the sharp switchbacks in the canyons made going very slow.

What made me sick was all the time in the cold bus with nothing but a light rain jacket, two shirts and my pants to keep me warm. Next time im bringing my sleeping bag.

Today to recuperate from the plane ride and the refrigerated bus ride. I slept and slept.

Tomorrow I hope to be a little more adventurous...

catch ya all on the flip side



Mariano said...

Hey buddy. Your pics fascinated me!! Now I do really envy you! Enjoy man and get ready to ride with a drunk bus driver at any time! Regards


Anonymous said...

I hope you get well soon =( You should try some liver ;) ¡LOL! just kidding.
¡Greetings from Mexico!, we already miss you.

rafal said...

mariono drop me a line at
being sick sucks
you should drink more james

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
I can't believe that you are spending 7 months traveling anywhere, let alone South America! Have a good time!