Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I know where we are going and we are not making good time

Hey there, gang...This really sucks!
well, I made it here after a lengthy 13 hour bus ride through lots of brownish desert terrain and mountainous silhouettes. When I first got on the bus I knew things were gonna be a little bit rough because the internal clock and thermometer displayed 39 degrees Celsius. But that wasn't the bad part. The bad part was the bus was pretty full and the guy ahead of me had not really showered for a while. This was not BO, it was BBO (Beyond Body Odor). But that´s just the start. The air conditioning never really got going until five hours into the trip and that was after we made an unexpected layover on the shoulder of the road for a good hour or so. The guys trying to repair the radiator looked very similar to a bunch of city workers digging a hole and then looking at it. Yup, that´s a hole. Yup, that´s a radiator. They stared at that engine for a good 30 minutes before actually doing anything. I realwasn'tsnt that worried because I really had nowhere else to go that day and we would eventually get back on the road. I took a coupla pictures of the landscape and a few of the bus and was like "Wow, we really are in the middle of nowhere." The one thing you need if you travel in South America is a little patience. Things usually a little while longer than they would in the States. I have got a few months to spend down here so its no big deal if the bus breaks down for a coupla hours. The AC finally started to work towards hour number seven and it made up for lost time. It refrigerated us to a cool 19 degrees Celcius.

Cusco at NightWe made it into Cusco all safe and sound. The hostel I am staying at is pretty cool and has an excellent view of the Plaza de Armas. I met a few Irish folks here at the hostel and they invited me to a pub for a beer or two. I politely declined because I was feeling the effects of travel as well as the one beer that I had already drank on an empty stomach at the high altitude (3400 m). I think ill take my time these next few days and get used to the altitude.

Well, im off to get some rest.

until then....

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rafal said...

Did the irish people try to pay with euros? Just curious will explain later