Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nasca Lines, Islas Ballestas, and a Desert Adventure

The Mysterious Nasca Lines
Today I took a tour of the mysterious Nasca lines. The flight over the lines was at 9am and I am still having a Nasca lines hangover from the very small airplane and very tight turns that we did during the 30 minute flight.

Desert Adventures Desert Adventure
My buddy Pierre introduced my to his buddy named Pepe. Pepe is also an archaeologist and he took me on a 4x4 adventure through the Peruvian desert. The first thing we looked at was a old pre Inca settlement that was buried into the side of a hill. You could see different levels of the pueblo based on their location and the thatch roofs that were sticking out of the soft soil. I have a really funny story...well, its funny after the fact, but you will hafta email me for it cause I dont want my Mom to get worried.

Climbing a sand dune in Huacachina.
Huacachina is a small city outside of Ica, Peru and is surrounded by sand dunes. And Im not talking about a little sandcastle or a pile of sand used by construction workers. This thing is HUGE! The dune was approximately 800 feet tall. Actually, I dont know how tall it really is...All i know is that it was a struggle getting up it. After climbing one of these sand dunes I have come to realize that to me sand dunes are kinda like the ocean: more fun to look at than to actually be in. You have no reference point when climbing up a sand dune and I thought I could climb this thing in ten minutes. Sorry, Charlie...About half an hour later I finally reached the top. What a great view from the top, everything looked incredibly small and the only thing you could hear was the wind whipping over the top of the dune and yourself panting from the hard climb. The climb was a mixture of frustration, exertion and elation. I should of brought some sand shoes to distribute my weight a little bit better. My Keen sandals only collected the sand. Once you step in the soft sand you sink down into it. Sand dunes are kinda like the Paula Abdul song "Two steps forward, one step back" sinking in the sand while climbing up this thing was not my idea of a great time but it was worth it when I finally reached the top. I raised the roof when I got up there, caught my breath, took some pics, and then went back down.

The Ballestas IslandsLas Islas Ballestas
I really have never seen a sea lion, a penguin, or lots of other animals in their natural habitat. Now I had the chance. Very nice. Ill write more on this later

Paracas National ReserveParacas National Reserve
The Paracas National Reserve is a section on the coast of Pisco, Peru. Once I arrived in Paracas I reserved a spot to see this strange land. Paracas in the Pre-Inca language means sandstorm. This place in Jan, Feb, and March has are terrible sandstorms that can last days.

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