Friday, October 28, 2005

Adventures in Peru

Today was a pretty cool day...

What did I do? Well, let's see.

I went to the downtown and saw the Lima Royal Guard change posts outside the Governor's Palace. Very interesting and similar to the Royal Guard in England.

I took a tour of the catacombs of the San Francisco Church and saw the tomb of 25 thousand people. Kinda spooky to see all the bones layed out methodically. There were special places for only femurs, tibias, hip bones and skulls. The catacombs were very elaborate and extensive. The catacombs were also designed for people under six feet tall.

El Senor de los MilagrosToday was the last day that Peruvians were celebrating the celebrating El Senor de los Milagros. A parade with four or five thousand people following a 1.5 ton object holding a painting of El Senor is quite a site. Very powerful to see that many people with such devotion.

I also met up with a friend of a friend of a friend who took me to eat some delicious street meat and gave me a tour of Miraflores and his house. Pierre is one of those guys who does not have a TV and is teeming with creativity and great anecdotes. Pierre is a real life Indiana Jones. No joke. Actually, he makes Indiana Jones look like a Cub Scout. Pierre is an archaeologist who is a learner and loves to do everything with his hands. I asked him why he likes to do everything by hand and he said "I like to think 'if someone can do it, maybe I can do it better.'" There should be more guys like Pierre. I would like to thank Natalie for introducing me to such a great guy. Thanks Natalie!
The foto you see here is when we went to a part of Miraflores where the competition for business is fierce. I have never felt so much attention and pressure to go to restaurants. We settled into a place that had a litre of beer for three bucks. But it wasn't the beer that made up our minds, it was the inspiration of the bar that drew us. And by inspiration I mean...well, you can figure that one out.

im tired. nite nite


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