Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More Exciting News from Mexico City

today was a great day!

I love much to see and so much to learn. Today I took a short seven hour tour of the National Museum of Anthropology. This museum showed in amazing detail the evolution of man in Mexico. It showed everything from the importance of family, food, commerce and trade, to ceremonial head dresses and much much more. It really was a short seven hours because you could spend days there and not read everything they have. The museum is pretty impressive, even where there is no museum it is impressive. The massive courtyard is a great example of this because of the single structure that provides shade to a large portion of the museum.

The museum was divided in to different rooms... early mankind, preclassical, teotihuacan, tolteca, mexica, oaxaca, golfo, maya, norte, and occidente rooms. Wow, it was quite a bit of room to cover. I used a personal audio guide to help me get a better understanding of what I was seeing as well as piggy backing between Spanish and English tour groups.

After that tour I was spent. I grabbed the subway and headed back to the hostel. The thing that I noticed on the subways here is that they are very very similar to those I have been on in NYC. And here is so. In both NYC and DF you can have a car load of people and have complete silence. In both cities you have that guy who is circulating through the cars trying to sell pirated music as well as Chiclets.

My opinion of DF has changed. Most people think that this place is dirty and there are thieves licking their chops while the fresh bait comes off the train. While this city has its problems it seems like any other big city. I cant wait to come back here and spend a lot more time and explore all the museums.

I should be heading off to bed right about now...but I am afraid that if I fall asleep I will miss my flight to Lima, Peru. My flight is at 650am and Im gonna leave for the airport at about 330am. Hopefully I can meet up with my friends sister in Panama City. The ten hour layover will give me plenty to do. Especially since I forgot the combo to my lock. The lock is combination of four numbers...numbers one through 10. Ill get it by at least the 10000th try. I should write this stuff down.

See you all in Lima!


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Wow so you're on diffrent continent now. That's cool