Wednesday, October 19, 2005

monday night adventures down here in Mexico on a break from classes and thought I would write a little bit about going out to the bars in Cuernavaca on a Monday night.

My host family has been inviting students to stay at their house for prolly about 15 years...oh, there is the bell

until next time

k, im back.
My host family has been inviting students finto their house for about 15 years. There are a few they remember because the student really made an impression with a gift or an action or by the way they look. Well, Monday was a day when one of those students was in the country and passed through Cuernavaca to say hello. Now If every person in the world has a twin, then Zac is a guy who could pass as the twin bro of Leonardo DiCaprio. well, more of a mix between Leo and Paul Walker (from the Fast n Furious) Zac had lived with the family way back in 1998 for the summer. He was traveling to Mexico City on business and dropped in with a nice cake and had dinner with the fam. I was very impressed with Zac's Spanish. He spoke very well. We all ate and talked about all types of things for about an hour. Zac was heading back to San Antonio the next day and wanted to grab a drink before he headed back to his hotel. My Mexican brother had to work the next day and I didnt want to leave Zac just hanging. so we headed downtown for just for one beer. just one beer. famous last words.

Cuernavaca does not really have a happening spot on Monday nights, but we went to La Plazuela to see what was out there. Nobody was there. but there was one two piece band playing at one of the bars so we sat down to enjoy some songs that we dont know the words to. There we two Chilangas (girls from DF) who were outside and we started talking them. I used some of my selective bilingualism as a way to get in. normally im a pretty shy guy when it comes to the ladytypes or anybody else but i made it one of my goals to not be afraid to walk up to strangers and start talkin to them. I look at it as if it is my job: when ya gotta do a job, you put your doubts aside and get it done. and it works. The girls invited us to sit down and we were in like flyn. This was good practice for me...the more ya practice your spanish the better you get, especially after four beers. However, the girl Zac was talking to mentioned the word "boyfriend." Zac and I instantly became Peanuts characters listening to the teacher give instructions. After "boyfriend," it was like "wah wah wah wam...wah wah wah wam." we looked at our watches and decided it was time to split.

Before we went home we stopped at La Gringa for tacos al pastor...tacos at 130 am on a tuesday morning never tasted so good.

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