Monday, October 24, 2005

Greetings from Mexico City!

Greetings from Mexico City!

This place is BIG and two or three days will not be enough to cover a smidgen of what this town has to offer.

I arrived from Cuernavaca and took the metro from the bus depot. Im pretty tall and with my backpack my clearnance is at around 7 feet. Needless to say my pack ran into a coupla things along the way. That darn backpack.

Zocalo and the Cathredral  The metro here is very efficient and can take you just about anywhere for 2 pesos (around 20 cents) My stop was the Zocalo and my first view of DF was the magnificant Zocalo and the Cathredral. WOW! This place is huge. The Zocalo is a huge open area where all types of activities can take place.

The hostel location could not have been any better. Im right in the middle of the action and I am sharing a room with a guy from Alaska, a guy from England and a coupla other guys.

Today for a buck i took a tour of the Cathredral and its bell towers. Very impressive.

Palacio Nacional and Diego Rivera Murals
I also took a tour of the Palacio Nacional where Diego River created these magnificant murals depicting the history of mexico. very impressive as well.

well, my time is running short.

until next time

im jamester the gangster...

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