Thursday, October 06, 2005

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Alright...just a quick entry.

This week has been another blur! I cant believe that Friday is just around the corner. time sure does fly when you are havin fun.

Today was another good day because my buddy Devin and I got to cook a little bit. Today we learned a pretty easy recipe for some delicious meatballs and the salsa to cook them in. We also learned how that a blender and a pressure cooker are some of the best friends that you can have in your kitchen. My teacher Mari-Carmen explained some quick, easy, and delicious recipes that I can take with me back to the States. Im excited to cook something a little different.

I got home from the cooking class around 530 and took a nap. I slept so long that I actually missed my other nap...i hate it when that happens. So its around 830pm and i am wired! i know if i go out i will have the same experience that i had last week and hangovers are the last thing i wanna have right now.

when it rains it pours. yesterday was the first day that it rained for more than 20 minutes, it actually rained pretty hard for the entire day and night. Hurricane Stan is wreaking havoc south of where i am at. In Chiapas there are five communities completely isolated from the rest of Mexico (and from help) because all the roads have been destroyed by mudslides.

Tomorrow I am going to speak with the director of Vamos. Vamos is an organization that provides education, shelter, and work opportunities for children whose parents have abandoned them. Im not sure what i am going to be doing or what they need done, but I am excited to volunteer and use my spanish at the same time. Who knows, i may find a calling.

oh, one thing that I may not have mentioned. many of the mexicans that i have talked to cannot believe that the USA have a large homeless population. They dont understand how a country so powerful can have so many people without a home. They also dont understand how the USA could spend so much money on the war in Iraq but not promptly help its own after Hurricane Katrina. That whole thing is a pretty complicated organism that I dont have the time solve in this blog entry. perhaps next time.

its gettin late again, ladies and gents

have a great day and drop leave a comment


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nelse said...

Looks and sounds like you're having fun! I'll keep checking your blog and vicariously through you from my tiny little cube in Omaha. Man that sounds depressing...